Webbased Ticketing Tool with Billetlugens Sales Power & Reach

Successful ticket sales made easy

Sell tickets to your events online via the Billetlugen network or your personalised ticket shop.

We can integrated your events into Billetlugen's network, so you can drive more ticket sales and increase your outreach.

Online platform with broad exposure

When you sell your tickets via billetlugen.light, you become part of Billetlugens strong brand. Our site has hundreds of thousand visitors monthly, which ensures your event huge reach and exposure.

Professional Customer Service

Want the possibility of selling your tickets over the phone? No problems! Your events can also be sold via billetlugens own Customer Service Team.

Reliable Revenue Transfer

billetlugen.Light will guarantee a fast and secure transfer of your revenue after the event.

Professional Support

If you need help setting up your events, or have other questions regarding billetlugen.light, then Billetlugens Client Services are always at the ready to help you.

Set Up Events Easily

With billetlugen.Light you can set up your events within minutes and start the ticket sales right away. Manage the event set up as detailed as you like. Define i.e. different categories or price levels in combination with limited early bird offers or VIP tickets.

Admission Management via Smartphone App

To check tickets at the entrance, use the EVENTIM.Access Scan App, which you can download free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Furthermore scanning the tickets will give you the chance to analyse and optimize the process of your entry management

Your Ticket Shop

Selling tickets via your billetlugen.Light ticket shop is very easy. We provide an online shop which comes along with an mobile-optimized buying process that can be easily used on every device.

Facts & Figures

See all relevant figures at a glance on our reporting dashboard. This helps you to keep an overview of your ticket sales. Using our EVENTIM.Access Scan-App to manage the admission will allow you to monitor the process at the entrance.

Easy Shop Integration

Your responsive billetlugen.Light ticket shop can be perfectly integrated into your website using an iFrame integration.